Business Capitalizes on Digital Marketing

Hundreds of growing, California businesses search daily for a Sacramento SEO Agency, but what exactly is all the fuss about? Well, do you remember the days of billboards and promotional mailings? Those days aren’t exactly over; online marketing is now taking the lead. The funding allocated to digital advertising by US businesses has increased exponentially, in the past five years, while also doubling for mobile marketing (i.e., the advertisements geared toward mobile devices like smartphones and tablets).

The majority of this incredible $16.6 billion dollar funding is being contributed by larger corporations who can afford to hire a California SEO expert (or several) and really tap into the online consumer presence. Smaller and start-up businesses encounter more difficulty in realizing their online potential. These small, west coast businesses may only dedicate 3-5% of an advertising budget to web presence, not seeing the immediate payoffs or the general benefit of online marketing. And because their budgets are lower, harnessing Sacramento SEO seems financially unfeasible.

This practical approach for small businesses can actually harm your bottom line and keep a California business from becoming an international success. Yes, there is some risk involved in hiring a California SEO expert, just like any other investment. But it can have monumental results, ultimately enabling business expansion and increased revenue. And not all SEO experts have unreasonable service rates. OnPoint Internet Marketing, for example, can give your business the competitive edge with dollar-for-dollar custom marketing.

What exactly does that mean? OnPoint Internet Marketing is a marketer dedicated to delivering results in the form of increased revenue. The OnPoint team consists of specialists, managers, and developers from across the globe who have an average of ten or more years of experience in the industry. Each client is guaranteed increased online visibility through the best in Sacramento SEO, which is the launching point for more valuable leads and overall business growth.

Services include having  California SEO experts, Craig de Borba, on your side, along with SMO (social media optimization), business mapping, and consumer engagement. We believe that when you choose a Sacramento marketing company, it should fulfill all of your business’ marketing needs in a comprehensive and cohesive plan. So if you need additional services, such as video or email marketing, in addition to the standard social media presence and SEO, On Point can incorporate those features into your custom plan, too.


The world of online marketing can seem daunting and stressful; as a business owner, you have more to think about than Sacramento SEO or web visibility for driving the heart of your business. That’s where Craig de Borba and his experienced Sacramento Marketing team come in – working with you in a long-term partnership that’s focused on staying true to your ideas while increasing your revenue.

If you don’t know where to start or what services could best improve your existing online presence, consult with us today. When you contact OnPoint Internet Marketing to reserve a consultation, you’ll get an immediate response so that we can start working together to take your business to the next level.